A Family Farm offering cut-your-own Christmas trees, Pecans, Nursery Stock, and FUN!

Pricing & Information

We're open the following dates for the 2017 Season:
Every Fri, Sat, Sun from Nov 24 - Dec 17
Last day of operation, Sunday Dec 17th.
Hours: 9am - 5pm
***We will not be open the weekend of Dec 22-24!***

Pricing & Information

Cut-Your-Own Christmas Trees: $7.50/foot minimum $15 charge.

Please note, we accept CASH AND CHECKS ONLY. There is no ATM on site.

Trees Available: Virginia Pine, Leyland Cypress, Eastern Red Cedar, Loblolly Pine

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How much are the trees and what forms of payment are taken?
A: $7.50 per foot ($15 minimum charge). CASH OR CHECK only (no CC and no ATM on the premises).

Q: Are y'all planning on accepting credit/debit cards in the future at all?
A: Yes but we have no Internet reception at the barn. When we were taking credit cards the line just got ridiculously long. We are looking for a solution.

Q: What varieties of Christmas trees do you have?
A: We have Virginia Pine; Leyland Cypress; Eastern Red Cedar and Loblolly Pine.
Can't grow Frasier's in the South. Too hot.

Q: Are Leyland Cypress the ones that are good if you have allergies?
A: Yes. Leyland Cypress are a sterile hybrid that can only be propagated by cuttings; they have no pollen so allergies arent an issue which makes it very popular. They go quickly, so if you want a Leyland, we would recommend you come out to the farm early.

Q: We would like a very large tree to put in front of our church. Do you have trees that are 20ft or taller?
A: We sell a number of 14 and 16 foot tall trees and an occasional 18. We do not have any that are 20 feet tall or bigger.

Q: Do we need to bring our own saw or axe?
A: You are welcome to bring your own saw or axe and many people do so, but you do not have to; we provide saws for those who do not bring one.

Q: How long does a fresh cut tree last? If we cut one this weekend, will it last through Christmas?
A: Yes. You will need to keep water in the stand, especially during the first week or so.

Q: Do you offer live trees?
A: We have a very limited selection of live trees this year.

Q: Do you have flocked trees?
A: No.

Q: Do you do garlands and wreaths? If so, should those be ordered ahead of time?
A: We do have fresh pine wreaths. They are $15 for a full, 18" wreath (fits a standard door). It helps if they are ordered ahead of time: to order, send a text to 903.274.7848. (Please note: this is a different phone number than the Walls Farm phone number!)
While it is not necessary to do so, IT HELPS TO ORDER THEM AHEAD OF TIME.

Q: What is the latest you would recommend the wreaths be ordered?
A: Order your wreath when you're an hour or two away from the farm, or send your text the night before.

Q: What is the cost for pecans? Do you have pick your own pecans?

Q: How much do you charge to shell pecans if we bring our own? Also how many pounds per hour can you process?
A: We will not shell pecans this year. We will crack pecans, though, at a cost of $.50/lb (minimum charge $10)

Q: Do you allow photoshoots there?
A: Yes, as long as it does not interfere with the customers who are there to cut trees! For photoshoots at any other time, please contact us to make arrangements.

Q: Where are you located / how do we get there?
A: The address is 11051 County Road 2312, Terrell, TX. You can use this Google Map to get directions from your location:

We also offer directions from various starting spots (click on DIRECTIONS) for those who do not have GPS or navigation in their car.

Q: Are there good places to eat on the way to you?
A: There are quite a few restaurants on the highway on the way to our farm. I would suggest using google maps based on the exact route you will be taking and have it show you what restaurants you'd pass so you can choose one you like. We do offer food here as well.

Q: Your phone number was not working earlier this year. Is your farm still open?
A: Yes, the farm is still in operation! We are sorry about the technical difficulties with our phone. The phone is now operational.

Q: How are the trees looking this year?
A: We believe the trees look good every year! 😎 But there is a picture in our gallery from November 17, 2017 to give you a glimpse.

Q: Are your trees treated/sprayed with any pesticides, etc.?
A: Our entire family works around our trees and lives here year round. So as you can imagine we have a vested interest in a healthy environment! We limit our usage of chemicals, and we do not apply any chemicals in the months prior to opening for the season. Very early this year we did apply a necessary treatment on the trees for Nantucket pine tip moth. That was the only treatment we applied, and it was many months ago and of course followed by many rainstorms.

Q: Are dogs allowed?
A: Yes, but we do ask that you keep your dog on a leash and use appropriate judgment based on the dog's temperament --- remember, there will be many children around and our dogs.


Our Location:

11051 CR 2312
Terrell, TX 75160


Please Note: Internet and Cell Service at the farm may be unreliable. We recommend printing a map or directions before you leave! You can get directions via google maps from your place to ours by clicking HERE

From Dallas:
Take Hwy. 80 East to Terrell. In Terrell turn left (North) on Hwy. 34 (one light past Virginia street) and go 8 miles. Turn left (west) on County Road 2312 and go 1 mile - this road dead ends into our farm. Look for the Red Barn and parking area.

From Garland/Richardson:
Take 635 East to HWY 80 East (by Town East Mall). Go into Terrell and turn left (north) on Hwy 34 (one light past Virginia Street). Go 9 miles turn left (west) on County Road 2312. Go 1 mile.

From Rockwall:
Take I-30 to 205 south. Immediately turn left (east) on Hwy 276 by the Total gas station and truck stop. Take 276 to Quinlan (276 dead ends at the Dairy Queen) and turn right (south) on Hwy. 34. Go 5 miles and turn right on County Road 2312 which dead ends into our farm 1 mile later.

From Tyler:
Take I-20 to Terrell exit HWY 34. Go north through Terrell and then keep on Hwy 34 another 8 miles. Turn left (west) on County Road #2312 and follow it a mile until it dead ends into our farm.


Farm Phone: (972) 524-9000
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